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  • Turkey Ballotine

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    Looking for a smaller Christmas roast? The turkey ballotine is a fantastic cut not commonly seen nowadays. Our master butchers take a full turkey breast and butterfly open before flattening into a ready roll piece. We then criss cross score the meat ready for marinading. We marinade for 48 hours using garlic, lemon zest and juice and oregano, rosemary and lemon thyme. After 48 hours we then add our signature pork & leek sausage meat and tie into a large sausage shape roll. We tie our sweet cure streak bacon on top to aid the cooking process to add tenderness and flavour.
  • Whole Boneless Turkey

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    Free range bronze slow grown whole Essex turkey prepared to an amazing specification. We remove all the breast and back boned before stuffing with our famous pepper & salts sausage meat and tieing back together with dry cure smoked streaky. This roast has all the characteristics of a whole bird but with an amazing tenderness and flavour you won't find from a standard whole bird. Once cooked simply carve straight through the breast meat for perfect sliced packed full of stuffing. This is a real show stopper on your Christmas table especially when carved table side.
  • 1/2 Chicken & Chorizo Tray Bake

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    Free range 1/2 Chicken marinated in your choice of flavour. We marinate the chickens over night before slicing fresh chorizo. Simply bake in the oven for 35/40 minutes for a quick & easy mid week meal
  • Chicken Parcels

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    A firm favourite in Larder, our chicken parcels are a quick and easy mid week treat. Boneless chicken leg stuffed with our famous Pepper & Salts sausage meat all wrapped in streaky bacon. Supplied in a quick and easy baking tray,
  • Chimirizo Kebabs

    Our famous Chimirizo Kebabs - not just for summer these great mid week treats are so easy to cook up and packed full of flavours. With diced chicken breast marinated in Chimichurri and skewered with chunks of Spanish chorizo.
  • Chicken Kiev

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    Freshly prepared and packed full of garlicky butter - We prepare our Kiev's using a whole chicken breast fillet before making a pocket and stuffing full of our homemade garlic butter. We then simply flour, egg wash and panko breadcrumbs for an extra crispy Kiev These quick and easy to cook Kiev's come in a handy ready to cook oven tray. Simply pop in the oven make some veg and your mid week dinner is complete. Sold in a pack of 2 
  • Chicken Goujons

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    Prepared using pure chicken breast inner fillets - we remove the inner fillet from the chicken breast we then flour, egg wash and breadcrumb our goujons. These simple and quick to cook fresh goujons are not only healthy but a real winner with kids and adults. Sold in a 1.2kg tray average 12-14 goujons per tray
  • Chicken Nuggets

    Prepared using pure chicken thigh meat - we bone out our whole chicken thighs before removing the skin and dicing into nugget sized portions. We then flour, egg wash and breadcrumb our nuggets. These simple and quick to cook fresh nuggets are not only healthy but a real winner with kids and adults. Sold in a 1.2kg tray average 12-14 nuggets per tray
  • Marinated Chicken Kebab

    Diced free range chicken breast fillets marinated for 24 hours before being skewered. We use only 100% pure chicken breast meat and the finest marinades. These are great for a quick mid-week dinner or in the summer on the BBQ Sold per kebab
  • Bone in Kentish Bronze Turkey Crown

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    The pride for your festive table , we’ve teamed up with local Kentish Turkey Farmer John Howe, to bring you some of the best free range bronze turkeys available. Slow Grown in Tenterden, Kent. John and his family have been growing turkeys for over 50 years using traditional methods and ensuring the highest animal welfare. Serving Sizes At Bottom of Page Why Buy From Us & John Howe Turkeys? Whether you purchase your Christmas Turkey from a farm or a butcher, it is important to ask the following questions:
    • Is the turkey genuinely free range?
    Often turkeys are advertised as free range, even though they have minimal access to outside space. White turkeys are typically barn reared, but advertised alongside free range bronze birds, which can be misleading.
    • Has the turkey been plucked by hand (Dry Plucked)?
    A significant proportion of birds on the market have been wet plucked. This means the entire bird has been dipped in hot water, which contains high bacteria levels.
    • Has live transportation been used?
    Many large farms rear their birds on more than one Farm which means that even though you are sold the image of a locally produced bird; that is not necessarily the case, as birds have been transported large distances for processing.
    • Has the turkey been game hung?
    The turkey’s flavour, in part, comes from being game hung for at least two weeks.
    • How long was the Turkey reared for?
    The best turkeys are picked from a number of different slow growing breeds reared over at least 6 months. Modern techniques use fast growing turkeys fed on an intensive ration. The aim is to produce the finished turkeys the desired weight in the least possible time.      A slow growing, fully matured bird will cook better and taste better   We remove the legs and wings leaving only the crown which is the bone in breast meat, easy to cook and to carve.
  • Larder 3 Bird Roast

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    A true centrepiece to your Christmas dinner table. Our large 3 bird roast consists of a Pheasant inside a Duck inside a Turkey. All the game birds are wild and the duck and turkey are both free range. 3kg will serve 6-10 people  4kg will serve 10-14 people  5kg will serve 12-16 people  6kg will serve 16-20 people 
  • 3 Bird Roast

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    A  true master piece on your roast dinner table. Our 3 bird roast's consist of a partridge, inside a pheasant, inside a duck. All of the game birds used in the great joint are wild, the ducks are supplied from the fantastic Creedy Carver farm in Devon. We only have a small amount of availability on these roast's so be sure to secure yours for Christmas day.  
  • Whole Capon

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    A real treat at Christmas if you don't fancy the traditional Turkey, try our amazingly tender and flavorsome 100% British Capons. A Capon is a Cock which has been castrated - this procedure greatly improves their flesh so they can be used for cooking. Supplied 3.5kg each  
  • Turkey Crown – Free range boneless turkey crown

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    A real show stopper at Christmas. Reared in Essex by Grove Smith poultry these free range bronze crowns are a best pick every time. Simple, easy to cook and super easy to carve. Supplied either tied plain, stuffed plain, tied with bacon and no stuffing or the full hog stuffed and wrapped in bacon. We will be using a premium sausage meat, garlic & leek stuffing this year  
  • Free Range Stuffed Whole Chicken

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    Reared on the Creedy Carver farm in Devon these whole chickens are part boned and stuffed with our famous pepper & salt stuffing sausage meat and wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. Supplied 2.0kg- 2.2kg in Weight 
  • Lemon pepper mini fillets

    Prepared using the incredibly tender inner fillet, we coat these in our tasty and sweet lemon pepper flavour glaze for upto 24 hours. Supplied in 1kg packs 
  • Chicken Supreme

    2 chicken supreme's prepared from a whole free range herb fed chicken, these are great alternative to a chicken breast fillet. Supplied 2 per pack
  • Chicken Drumsticks

    Prepared from our whole British chicken legs we separate the drumstick from the thigh, these are great for a quick and easy dinner, pop 8 of these in the oven and for a meal the family can enjoy. Supplied in a 1kg pack
  • British Chicken Thighs

    Prepared from our whole chicken legs we separate the drumstick and thigh leaving a great cut for popping into the oven for an incredible crispy skin and soft and tender meat inside. Supplied in a 1kg pack
  • Chicken Leg Quarters

    4 Whole Chicken leg quarters, prepared from our whole chickens.
  • Free Range Chicken Breast Fillets

    2 Free range chicken breast fillets prepared from whole free range chickens. Cut in store from premium large free range birds, nearly twice the size of the supermarket breasts! Supplied 2x250g breasts 
  • Chicken Breast Fillet

    British chicken breast fillets, prepared from whole barn raised high welfare chickens.
  • Free Range Creedy Carver Whole Chicken

    Reared on the Creedy Carver farm in Devon these whole chickens are the best in the business and are favoured by michelin starred chefs such as Angela Hartnett, Tom Kerridge and Gordon Ramsey. Supplied 1.8kg- 2kg in Weight 
  • Whole Free Range Duck

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    Looking for something different to the traditional Turkey? You can’t go wrong with our premium, free range Duck. Succulent, juicy and full of fantastic flavour, we guarantee that you will love our Duck on your Christmas dinner table. We provide various sizes, simply select one to suit you from the drop down menu below. *Each weight is a minimum supplied  **Please be aware we may need to substitute 4kg for 2x2kg dependant on availability closer to Christmas