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  • Luksusowa Gold Label Polish Vodka

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    A fantastically creamy triple-distilled potato vodka with a lightly sweet finish, 'Luksosowa' is the Polish term for 'luxury vodka' and it's not difficult to see why. 40%, 70cl  
  • Salcombe Gin Rosé Saint Marie

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    Inspired by the aromas, flavours and lifestyle of the South of France. Distilled and crafted using the finest Macedonian juniper berries to provide structure in the background, partnered with a natural, but not overpowering soft sweetness from strawberries and angelica. Fresh citrus peels of lemon and orange which are hand peeled each day prior to distillation and combined with ten further hand sourced botanicals including lemon verbena, rose petals, orange blossom and pink peppercorns are combined to create this truly exceptional gin that is elegantly soft and smooth. Though it's pink, this gin has no added sugar, taking more inspiration from dry rosé Provence wine. 41.4%, 70cl  
  • Salcombe Gin Start Point

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    Distilled to the exacting one-shot London Dry method, this classic citrus-led gin is elegantly smooth, distinct and complex yet extremely versatile

    Start Point is created using the finest Macedonian juniper berries selected for their high limonene content and the fresh citrus peels of red grapefruit, lemon and lime which are hand peeled each day prior to distillation. A further nine botanicals including English coriander seed, cardamom, cubeb berries, liquorice and angelica root are used to create this exceptionally smooth London Dry Gin.

    Distinct notes of red grapefruit along with heady, earthy pine notes from the Macedonian juniper. It is perfectly balanced with warming spiced aromas on the nose. Rich, full and incredibly smooth on the palate, with a touch of earthy sweetness from liquorice and angelica root. The finish is fresh, lingering and balanced whilst lengthened by green cardamom.

    44%, 70cl

  • The Duppy Share Rum

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    Duppy Rum is made from a blend of bourbon-barrel-matured 5 year old rum from Barbados and 3 year old rum from Jamaica. A bright, bold and altogether very handsome rum. 40%, 70cl  
  • The Lakes Gin

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    The Lakes Gin is made from water taken from a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lake District National Park. Including botanicals such as loose-leaf tea, it's a classic English gin, full of notes of juniper, cracked black pepper and orange peel. You'll have a tough time finding a smoother spirit. 70cl, 43.7%