Whole Free-Range Duck

Whole Free-Range Duck

Whole Free-Range Duck


Looking for something different to the traditional Turkey?

You can’t go wrong with our premium Free-Range Duck’s. Succulent, juicy and full of fantastic flavour, we guarantee that you will love this on your Christmas table.

Average size 2.4-2.6kg each 

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Madgett’s Ducks and Geese

Owned and run by Daryn and Elaine Williams who breed their own breeding flock. All ducks and geese are hatched, reared and processed on their farm over-looking the Wye Valley. Their free-range ducks and geese roam free on the grassy fields from the moment they are feathered-up to allow the birds to grow slowly to full maturity. They are fed a natural diet of maize silage, wheat, barley, and oats which creates a fat marbling throughout the meat, producing a concentrated flavour.

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