Bone-In Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown

Bone-In Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown

Bone-In Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown


Locally Sourced Free Range Bronze Turkey’s

The pride of the Christmas Dinner table and a true centrepiece. Beautifully succulent and tender meat which you can see the fat marbling.

Reared outdoors for 6-8 months our free range birds are allowed to roam vast expanses and woodlands on a varied diet.

Dry Plucked and hung for up-to 6-10 days for a more tender flavoursome bird.

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Size Guide

3KG Turkey Crown – Serves 5-9

4KG Turkey Crown – Serves 7-12

5KG Turkey Crown – Serves 13 -18

6KG Turkey Crown – Serves 19- 24


Why Buy Your Turkey From Larder?

Whether you purchase your Christmas Turkey from a farm or a butcher, it is important to ask the following questions:


  • Is the turkey genuinely Free-Range?

Often turkeys are advertised as Free-Range, even though they have minimal access to outside space.

White turkeys are typically barn reared, but advertised alongside Free-Range bronze birds, which can be misleading.


  • Has the turkey been plucked by hand (Dry Plucked)?

A significant proportion of birds on the market have been wet plucked. This means the entire bird has been dipped in hot water, which contains high bacteria levels.


  • Has live transportation been used?

Many large farms rear their birds on more than one farm, which means that even though you are sold the image of a locally produced bird, that is not necessarily the case, as the birds have been transported large distances for processing.


  • Has the turkey been game hung?

The turkey’s flavour, in part, comes from being game hung for at least two weeks.


  • How long was the Turkey reared for?

The best turkeys are picked from a number of different slow growing breeds reared over at least 6 months. Modern techniques use fast growing turkeys fed on an intensive ration. The aim is to produce the finished turkeys to the desired weight in the least possible time.


A slow growing, fully matured bird will cook better and taste better


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