Bone-In Kentish Bronze Turkey Crown

Bone-In Kentish Bronze Turkey Crown

Bone-In Kentish Bronze Turkey Crown


The pride of your festive table , we’ve teamed up with local Kentish Turkey Farmer John Howe to bring you some of the best free-range Bronze Turkeys available. Slow Grown in Tenterden – Kent, John and his family have been growing turkeys for over 50 years using traditional methods and ensuring the highest animal welfare.

We remove the legs and wings leaving only the crown which is the bone in breast meat, easy to cook and to carve.

Size Guide

3KG Turkey Crown – Serves 5-9

4KG Turkey Crown – Serves 7-12

5KG Turkey Crown – Serves 13 -18

6KG Turkey Crown – Serves 19- 24



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Why Buy Your Turkey From Larder & John Howe Turkeys?

Whether you purchase your Christmas Turkey from a farm or a butcher, it is important to ask the following questions:


  • Is the turkey genuinely Free-Range?

Often turkeys are advertised as Free-Range, even though they have minimal access to outside space.

White turkeys are typically barn reared, but advertised alongside Free-Range bronze birds, which can be misleading.


  • Has the turkey been plucked by hand (Dry Plucked)?

A significant proportion of birds on the market have been wet plucked. This means the entire bird has been dipped in hot water, which contains high bacteria levels.


  • Has live transportation been used?

Many large farms rear their birds on more than one farm, which means that even though you are sold the image of a locally produced bird, that is not necessarily the case, as the birds have been transported large distances for processing.


  • Has the turkey been game hung?

The turkey’s flavour, in part, comes from being game hung for at least two weeks.


  • How long was the Turkey reared for?

The best turkeys are picked from a number of different slow growing breeds reared over at least 6 months. Modern techniques use fast growing turkeys fed on an intensive ration. The aim is to produce the finished turkeys to the desired weight in the least possible time.


A slow growing, fully matured bird will cook better and taste better


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