Typically has long, sweet pineapple flavours, but it can also be rich and savoury. Generally the texture is smooth, close, dense and creamy, almost like a Comté.



Brothers Simon and Tim Jones oversee the production of Lincolnshire Poacher on their family farm, Ulceby Grange in Lincolnshire. The farm has been in the family since 1917. The first batch of cheese was made there in 1992. Simon Jones was taught cheese making by the late Dougal Campbell, who made a cheese called T’yn Grug in west Wales.

Lincolnshire Poacher is often described as a cross between Cheddar and mountain cheese.  Nowadays all the milk from the farm is turned into cheese, except for a small portion that is sold raw at farmer’s markets.

The brothers are passionate about land stewardship. They farm sustainably to get the best milk from their closed herd. They create their own energy from wind, sun, heat exchange, and a straw pellet boiler. Cheesemaker Richard Tagg will turn about 6000 litres of milk into roughly 28 to 30 wheels of cheese, which are matured by an experienced and dedicated team in the farm’s immaculate storerooms.

Milk: Raw Cow’s Milk, farm’s own milk

Coagulant: Animal Rennet

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