USDA Choice Whole Fillet

USDA Choice Whole Fillet

USDA Choice Whole Fillet

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Weighing in between 1.9kg and 2.1kg our amazing USDA Choice Fillets are packed full of flavour, marbling and tenderness without an excess fat. We trim your fillet of all silver skin and sinew leaving a steak ready whole fillet

Cut from pure blood Black Angus Cattle, we source direct from the U.S.A from one of America’s best USDA producers Cedar River Farm.

USDA is graded for its fat content running through the meat known as marbling with 3 grades below :

Select, Choice and Prime with Prime the highest fat content and fuller flavour and tenderness.

*We offer a cutting service for our whole cuts where we cut and vacuum seal all steaks individually please email after purchasing 


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1.9KG – 2.1KG