Wagyu BMS 4-5 Tri-Tip

Wagyu BMS 4-5 Tri-Tip

Wagyu BMS 4-5 Tri-Tip


The Try-Tip or more commonly known as Rump Tail is a great cut take from the size of the whole rump, this cut is packed with flavour but a less tender than a sirloin. We recommend cooking this piece whole and slicing thin to serve,

Cut from pure blood Australian AA Co premium Wagyu, we source direct from Australia from one of the worlds best Wagyu producers. Simply choose your steak size from the drop down menu and enjoy these amazing speciality cuts

Wagyu is graded using a system called Beef Marbling Score with 1 being the lowest and 12 the highest. Quite simply the higher the score the higher the fat content in the meat and the better the flavour, texture and tenderness.


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