32 Day Dry Aged Porterhouse

32 Day Dry Aged Porterhouse

32 Day Dry Aged Porterhouse


Cut from our 32 Dry Aged Loins – Fillet & Sirloin in one, ideal for sharing.

Chuck one of these over the coals for an incredible steak for one with our 500g or 800g options or choose a larger size and reverse sear it for that slow & low goodness!



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Our Beef is sourced from British Farms who are dedicated to working with Rare and endangered heritage Breeds such as Dexter and Short Horn

Dexter and Short Horn have been our preferred Breeds since we started Larder. The consistency of marbling, flavour and size has always been left in the hands of the farmers and their methods.


Provenance & Methods

We work  with Farms located in England and Scotland for our bone in Beef allowing us to work closer with the farmers and abattoirs.

Sustainability and animal welfare is at the forefront of the rearing process for our farmers and their just as passionate about it as are we. Traditional methods and good animal husbandry has always ensured a quality finished product for our business.


Dry Aging Process

Our specialist fridges are fitted with fans and dehumidifying temperature controlling machines which ensure bacteria count and humidity are controlled during the aging process.

Dry aging also changes the texture of meat. Muscle cells are made up of mostly molecules and proteins. Dry aging encourages the enzymes to break down these molecules. As the enzymes transform the molecules of the meat, the internal structure breaks down, making it more tender



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