Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Sirloin A5 BMS 10-12

Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Sirloin A5 BMS 10-12

Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Sirloin A5 BMS 10-12


The King of Wagyu, full blood Japanese A5 which needs no introduction. Packed full of buttery flavour and a tenderness like no other sirloin this really is a special treat.


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Miyazaki Wagyu increasingly became popular after it won the Wagyu Olympics 3 times as the “Best Wagyu in the World”, an event that happens every 5 years and awards the most prestigious cattle in Japan. All the cattle are raised and slaughtered in Miyazaki Prefecture by the Miyachiku Co-Op, this cooperative consists of around 400 farmers and they are highly known for their breeding tactics. Its incredible the amount of detail they put into their cattle, they will only harvest on average 4 cows at a time so they can dedicate their time to make sure they get the ultimate results.

Miyazaki Wagyu is usually fed with wheat and corn, and are bred for about 900 days which is about 7 to 8 times longer than regular cattle.

Japanese Grade: A5. (A to C) is the ratio of meat to the total carcass weight. Meat quality grade (1 to 5). The four criteria are: fat marbling, brightness of the meat; texture and the brightness of the fat.

Our Miyazaki Beef Marble Score: is 11-12.

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