Simmental Dairy Cow Bone In Rib

Simmental Dairy Cow Bone In Rib

Simmental Dairy Cow Bone In Rib



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The Simmental has historically been used for dairy and beef, and as draught animals. They are well-muscled animals, being long and deep-bodied with strong bone. They have good temperament and high milk production. Simmental carcasses are significantly heavier and leaner than other European breeds, with little waste, and they give a higher yield meat.



The Simmental we source are reared in Belgium and Switzerland. The cattle are hand selected at abattoir by Discarlux our European partner for all Retired Dairy breeds. They are selected based on grading of fat content and marbling. Discarlux age our retired dairy carcasses in Spain before we import them to the U.K. for further aging or processing.



Discarlux was founded in 2005 by José Portas and Carlos Ronda, as a wholesaler specialising in high-quality red meat. Located in Madrid. They provide a national and international service to restaurants and steakhouses as well as to hotels, specialised shops, supermarkets and butchers. José and Carlos are true lovers of their trade and forerunners of high-end meat, as well as the cuts and maturations that have marked the trend in recent years.


Only exceptional pieces are marked as CLASSIC, LUX and ORIGEN. Factors such as the breed, age of the animal, fat content and infiltration make CLASSIC, LUX and ORIGEN a meat for the most demanding. Pieces selected one by one in our trusted abattoirs in Germany, Holland and Poland, where they are reserved and we find the best specimens, which are then matured at our facilities for the time necessary to reach optimum quality



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