Rare Breed Pork French Trimmed Rack

Rare Breed Pork French Trimmed Rack

Rare Breed Pork French Trimmed Rack


A real centrepiece for your Sunday roast, the pork rack looks great and tastes great. We remove the chine and back bone before removing the meat around the bones to create a stunning looking joint with scored skin of course.

Meat from our Rare Breed Large Blacks can tend to have a larger fat content than our standard pork. 



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The Large Black breed is native to the UK and is as all native breeds considered to be endangered and thus labelled as rare breed.

The Large Black is the only all Black pig breed and is famed for its eating quality. With large flop ears that cover their eyes they are one of the easier breeds for farming due to the fact they cannot run off and also allows them to be more docile.




We work solely with David & Chloe from Oink & Udder based in Faversham in Kent. David & Chloe’s vision has been to rear animals to the highest welfare standards practising organic farming methods and ensuring that all of their livestock is ethically reared.

With a very small throughput of around 6-10 head per month you can see how love, care and dedication is put into every animal they rear and slaughter.




After Slaughter we always allow our pork carcasses to hang for a minimum of 5 days. This process allows the meat and skin to dry before we break down into primal cuts. Dryer pork meat and skin allows for a much better cooking process with that all so important crackling



Room temp meat has to be our top tip. Removing your steak or joint at least 3-4 hours prior to cooking and allowing it to reach room temp to allow for a quick and even cook

Our butchers will always deeply score the pork skin on your pork joint. Ensure you liberally salt the pork skin the night before cooking or as soon as you’ve purchased your joint. This will ensure a crispy well cooked crackling

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4 Bone, 8 Bone