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  • Pomerol Chateau Chantaloutte

    Pomerol is a much-respected red wine appellation in the Bordeaux region of southwestern France. This wine is a deep dark ruby color, with tastes of ripe fig syrup, lilac perfume, blackberry, oak, corn husk and cranberry.  Combines full tannins on a long finish that lingers on the tongue.
  • Valdemoreda Tempranillo

    Valdemoreda Tempranillo - Red wine from the Castilla Y Leon region of Spain. A very rounded, well balanced wine with a full, long aftertaste.
  • Finca Valpiedra Rioja Reserva

    Finca Valpiedra Rioja Reserva has a round and full-bodied with an elegant, ripe structure and a long, silky, persistent finish. Finca Valpiedra is located in the best area of the DOCa Rioja, on the river Ebro, and is the only Rioja among the Grandes Pagos de España (Great Estates of Spain).
  • Castel Firmian Teoldego, Mezzacorona

    Wild berries and savoury spice characterise this round, seductive example of the local grape Teroldego from Italy. Velvety in the mouth, with a juicy freshness, this is both delicious and distinctive.
  • Santa Allegra Merlot

    Santa Alegra Merlot - A smooth, juicy Merlot from Chile. Full of ripe plum and red berry fruit, medium weight and slightly spicy on the palate, and with a generous fruit filled finish.
  • Coopers Creek Pinot Noir

    A delightfully fresh, fruit driven Pinot from New Zealand. Black plums and black cherries on the nose intermingled with subtle French oak. Rich and firm on the palate with bold, sweet fruit. A core of ripe black cherry lingers on the finish.
  • La Dame de Montro Saint- Estephe

    An award winning full bodied French Bordeaux from the Left Bank. Tastes of ripe dark fruit, with oaky aromas and a touch of cassis, morello cherries, cigar box and smoky coffee. Pairs well with Beef, Lamb, Game and Poultry.
  • Brolo Campofiorin Oro MASI

    A firm and silky Italian red with a berry and hazelnut character. Medium body, silky tannins and a flavorful finish.
  • Norton Winemakers Reserve Malbec

    Specially reserved due to its exceptional features, Reserva wine is characterized by its elegance and complexity. Made from carefully selected grapes from vineyards aged between 30 and 50 years old. The wine is then aged in French oak barrels and then additionally in bottles before release. Round and velvety, with flavours of ripe black fruit, violets, spices and tobacco, with a long and complex finish.
  • Fleuire, Clos des Quarte Vents

    Full-bodied for Fleurie, with plenty of oomph to match the trademark floral character, and complex nuances, both savoury and fruity, on the palate.
  • Morande Cab Sav Gran Reserva

    A single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon of impeccable poise and pedigree, with focused cassis and black cherry fruit lent breadth and cedary complexity by well judged oak. Firm tannin supports the natural juicy character giving a well knit structure and excellent balance on the finish.
  • Turkey Ballotine

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    Looking for a smaller Christmas roast? The turkey ballotine is a fantastic cut not commonly seen nowadays. Our master butchers take a full turkey breast and butterfly open before flattening into a ready roll piece. We then criss cross score the meat ready for marinading. We marinade for 48 hours using garlic, lemon zest and juice and oregano, rosemary and lemon thyme. After 48 hours we then add our signature pork & leek sausage meat and tie into a large sausage shape roll. We tie our sweet cure streak bacon on top to aid the cooking process to add tenderness and flavour.
  • Coolea

    The flavours of this cheese are sweet and rich with hints of caramel, butterscotch and honey. Coolea is smooth and close textured, reminiscent of Dutch Gouda. Made with pasteurised cow's milk and animal rennet.  
  • Brunswick Blue

    The flavour of Brunswick Blue is fresh and nutty. It offers something unique within our blue cheese range: a smooth and creamy texture alongside a clean, refreshing flavour. Made with pasteurised sheep's milk and vegetarian coagulant. Brunswick Blue is matured for about 10 weeks, and in this time a natural rind is formed which imparts a breakdown and a creamier texture and mushroomy flavours.
  • Montgomery’s Cheddar

    Montgomery's Somerset Cheddar has rich, brothy and savoury flavours and an almost crystalline texture that melts in the mouth. Montgomery's Cheddar has been made at Manor Farm since 1911. Their adaptive approach to modernisation, recognising and maintaining the integrity of the key aspects of their process has set the stage for Montgomery's Cheddar to be considered by many as the benchmark Somerset Cheddar.
  • Turkey & Cranberry Pork Pie 1lb

    Hand raised large Turkey & Cranberry Pork pie, produced from free range Essex sourced pork with tender turkey thigh encased in an old school buttery pastry topped with juicy cranberries and cranberry sauce. Supplied per Pork Pie (1lb in weight)
  • Whole Boneless Turkey

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    Free range bronze slow grown whole Essex turkey prepared to an amazing specification. We remove all the breast and back boned before stuffing with our famous pepper & salts sausage meat and tieing back together with dry cure smoked streaky. This roast has all the characteristics of a whole bird but with an amazing tenderness and flavour you won't find from a standard whole bird. Once cooked simply carve straight through the breast meat for perfect sliced packed full of stuffing. This is a real show stopper on your Christmas table especially when carved table side.
  • Bone in Gammon Joint

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    Bone in gammon joint produced by the famous Bearfields curers supplied as a whole or 1/2 gammon leg weighing 4.5/9kg in weight, Fantastic roasted on Christmas Day and enjoyed throughout the festive period.  
  • Stuffed Saddle of Lamb

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    Boneless saddle prepared from our whole lamb saddles, we remove all the bones before stuffing with our sage, apricot & onion stuffing.  
  • Stuffed Noisette of Lamb

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    Boneless Loin of lamb prepared from our whole Welsh lamb saddles. We remove all the bones before stuffing with sage, thyme & apricot. Perfect for 2 to share for a Sunday roast or sliced into individual portions mid week
  • Apricot Stuffed Pork Fillet

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    Free range pork fillet stuffed with dried apricots, wrapped in sweetcure streaky bacon. A great mid week meal, simply pop in the oven for 30 minutes before slicing and serving with fresh vegetables.
  • Chorizo Stuffed Pork Fillet

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    Free range pork fillet stuffed with Spanish chorizo and wrapped in sweetcure streaky bacon. A great mid week meal, simply pop in the oven for 30 minutes before slicing and serving with fresh vegetables.
  • Bone in Pork Loin Roast

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    Prepared from our free range whole loins, we remove the chine bone for easy carving before tying back together to create a show stopping pork roast. Keeping the loin on the bone is the best way to keep this joint as tender and flavoursome as possible. We diamond score all of our pork to ensure crispiest crackling.

    An award winning example of a quality Saint Emilion Fresh with violet colours with crimson hints. Also available as a standard Bottle and Magnum.

    An award winning example of a quality Saint Emilion Fresh with violet colours with crimson hints.
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    Beef Wellington

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    Handmade beef wellington prepared in store by our fully trained chef/butcher Ryan. Using only the finest cut free range grass fed Black Angus beef fillet wrapped with mushroom & truffle and encased in his signature puff pastry these are a real winner any night of the week for a dinner party. Pair this with our amazing Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvigion for one of the best dinners you can buy.  
  • Chateau Montaiguillon Saint Emilion 75cl

    An award winning example of a quality Saint Emilion Fresh with violet colours with crimson hints.
  • Silverside of Beef Roasting Joint

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    Our silversides are hand crafted by our master butchers in store each week. We breakdown dry aged black angus hind quarters for all of our roasting joints for a guaranteed quality and consistency.  
  • Salmon Cut Roasting Joint

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    Salmon Cut roasting joint, taken from the silverside - packed full of flavour and best when slow roasted. One of the best cuts from the top bit of beef. We bone out all of roasting joints from full dry aged hind quarters of beef to guarantee quality and consistency each time.  
  • Rolled Porchetta Loin Joint

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    Cut from free range cherry orchard pigs, these incredible Porchetta joints are prepared from the middle of pork (loin & belly). We remove all bones before rolling to create one of the most flavoursome, tender and juicy pork joints around. The leaness from the loin coupled with the fat and flavour of the belly is the perfect balance.
  • Wagyu Rump Roast BMS 6/7

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    Prepared using the leanest cut of our Wagyu 6/7 BMS Rump we add basting fat to these fantastic joints. Once cooked and rested your left with a chunk of pure wagyu goodness to sliced into and serve. Shake up your Sunday roast with one of these bad boys.
  • USDA Prime Rib Roast

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    Most probably the best roasting joint available in our store. This USDA dry aged rib roast is second to none! Cut from Prime USDA grain fed Black Angus rib & flank, we leave the bones long for that show stopping joint that you'll want to carve at the table.
  • Joel Gott 815 – Cabernet Sauvignon

    The Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon has aromatics of mocha, roasted blue fruits, plums, and cherry spice. The wine enters sweet on the palate, well-structured and with firm tannins mid-palate, followed by a long, balanced finish.
  • Wagyu Rib of Beef

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    Looking to take your roast dinner to the highest level or quite simply looking for that most amazing sharing bone in rib eye? Then this cut is for you - Pure blood Wagyu X Angus Scottish bred beef with some of the best marbling and flavour money can buy. Want to know more about this cut please email us before you buy.
  • Bone in Kentish Bronze Turkey Crown

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    The pride for your festive table , we’ve teamed up with local Kentish Turkey Farmer John Howe, to bring you some of the best free range bronze turkeys available. Slow Grown in Tenterden, Kent. John and his family have been growing turkeys for over 50 years using traditional methods and ensuring the highest animal welfare. Serving Sizes At Bottom of Page Why Buy From Us & John Howe Turkeys? Whether you purchase your Christmas Turkey from a farm or a butcher, it is important to ask the following questions:
    • Is the turkey genuinely free range?
    Often turkeys are advertised as free range, even though they have minimal access to outside space. White turkeys are typically barn reared, but advertised alongside free range bronze birds, which can be misleading.
    • Has the turkey been plucked by hand (Dry Plucked)?
    A significant proportion of birds on the market have been wet plucked. This means the entire bird has been dipped in hot water, which contains high bacteria levels.
    • Has live transportation been used?
    Many large farms rear their birds on more than one Farm which means that even though you are sold the image of a locally produced bird; that is not necessarily the case, as birds have been transported large distances for processing.
    • Has the turkey been game hung?
    The turkey’s flavour, in part, comes from being game hung for at least two weeks.
    • How long was the Turkey reared for?
    The best turkeys are picked from a number of different slow growing breeds reared over at least 6 months. Modern techniques use fast growing turkeys fed on an intensive ration. The aim is to produce the finished turkeys the desired weight in the least possible time.      A slow growing, fully matured bird will cook better and taste better   We remove the legs and wings leaving only the crown which is the bone in breast meat, easy to cook and to carve.
  • Stuffing Tray

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    Our stuffing mix is created from pork, leek and garlic sausage meat with the addition of breadcrumbs before being topped with sweetcure streaky bacon for added flavour and tenderness. Simply pop into the oven in our ready to go baking trays for an easy addition to your roast dinner and christmas table. Supplied in 1kg tray 
  • Sausage Meat

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    Premium sausage meat in all 3 of the firm favourites. Choose from Plain pork, Cumberland and delicious pork & leek. Supplied 500g each pack
  • Cocktail sausages

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    These little beauties are great for entertaining, simply put in the oven and serve once crisp and cooked! Supplied 16 per pack 
  • Larder 3 Bird Roast

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    A true centrepiece to your Christmas dinner table. Our large 3 bird roast consists of a Pheasant inside a Duck inside a Turkey. All the game birds are wild and the duck and turkey are both free range. 3kg will serve 6-10 people  4kg will serve 10-14 people  5kg will serve 12-16 people  6kg will serve 16-20 people 
  • 3 Bird Roast

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    A  true master piece on your roast dinner table. Our 3 bird roast's consist of a partridge, inside a pheasant, inside a duck. All of the game birds used in the great joint are wild, the ducks are supplied from the fantastic Creedy Carver farm in Devon. We only have a small amount of availability on these roast's so be sure to secure yours for Christmas day.  
  • Chateaubriand

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    Prepared from our whole free range beef fillets, we remove the head from the fillet before removing all the silver skin and sinew. We tie ready for the oven. Supplied 800g, 1.0kg, 1.2kg each 
  • Centre Cut beef fillet

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    Cut from our whole dry aged Scotch beef fillets, we remove the head, tail and silver skin to leave the centre cut perfect for roasting and sharing or for a beef wellington. Supplied 750g-1.75kg each
  • Free range whole beef fillet

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    Cut from our whole beef fillets, we remove the chain and silver skin leaving only head, centre and tail. This is a great cut for roasting or for use in a beef wellington.  
  • Duck Fat

    A simple pot of duck fat to make the crispest potatoes around! Supplied 250g pot
  • Whole Capon

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    A real treat at Christmas if you don't fancy the traditional Turkey, try our amazingly tender and flavorsome 100% British Capons. A Capon is a Cock which has been castrated - this procedure greatly improves their flesh so they can be used for cooking. Supplied 3.5kg each  
  • Turkey Crown – Free range boneless turkey crown

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    A real show stopper at Christmas. Reared in Essex by Grove Smith poultry these free range bronze crowns are a best pick every time. Simple, easy to cook and super easy to carve. Supplied either tied plain, stuffed plain, tied with bacon and no stuffing or the full hog stuffed and wrapped in bacon. We will be using a premium sausage meat, garlic & leek stuffing this year