Offering a premium service is at the core of our business and the same applies to our butchery selection.

We ensure every cut of meat that makes it onto our blocks is carefully hand selected and sourced from producers practicing good animal husbandry; in turn creating the most natural and stress free environment required in order to produce a premium product of exceptional quality – It goes without saying that livestock reared well will undoubtedly taste better.


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    USDA Tomahawk Steak

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    Weighing in at a whopping 1.4kg each our USDA Prime Tomahawks are the most amazing sharing steak or if you're feeling brave try to finish this yourself! Get more out of your steak and ask us to cut a 200/250g ribeye steak off of your tomahawk leaving you with a 1.2kg Tomahawk and 1 ribeye steak to enjoy, Cut from pure blood Black Angus Cattle, we source direct from the U.S.A from one of America’s best USDA producers Creekstone Ranch. Simply choose your steak size from the drop down menu and enjoy these amazing speciality cuts. USDA is graded for its fat content running through the meat known as marbling with 3 grades below : Select, Choice and Prime with Prime the high fat content and much full flavour and tenderness.
  • Chimirizo Kebabs

    Our famous Chimirizo Kebabs - not just for summer these great mid week treats are so easy to cook up and packed full of flavours. With diced chicken breast marinated in Chimichurri and skewered with chunks of Spanish chorizo.
  • Wagyu Full Blood Steak Burger

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    Produced from off cuts of flank, chuck, topside and rump our wagyu burgers have to be one of the most tender around and not to mention packed full of flavour. Great on its own or even better fully loaded in a brioche bun.
  • Angus Steak Burger

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    Our handmade Black Angus steak burgers are made using premium steak off cuts from chuck flank and rump giving them an amazing tenderness and flavour.
  • Spanish Garlic Chicken Steaks

    We butterfly a whole free range chicken breast fillet before flattening the breast into a thin large steaks. We then marinade for at least 18 hours in our Spanish Garlic Healthy and delicious these chicken steaks a packed full of flavour and are quick to cook. Sold 4 per pack  
  • Lamb Neck Fillet

    We prepare our lamb neck fillets from a whole middle neck. Our butchers carefully remove the fillet from the centre of the middle neck leaving a magnificent piece of meat. This cut will make the most amazing  lamb stews & currys or marinade it up in olive oil, rosemary, thyme, mint and oregano dice and skewer it for an amazing lamb kebab Supplied as whole pieces 500g per pack 
  • French Trimmed Lamb Cutlets

    Our lamb cutlets are prepared from our whole 7 day aged best ends of lamb. Our butchers carefully hand select each piece of lamb that makes it onto their blocks. The French trimmed lamb rack or cutlet is prepared by removing the chine bone, back fat and carefully exposing the bones for a real show stopper. Supplied 6 per pack roughly 600-700g 
  • Steak & Wine Deal

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    Your choice of 2 x 28 day dry aged Scotch Steaks coupled with a bottle of our best selling Mendoza Malbec. Choose from Rump, Sirloin, Ribeye or Fillet from the drop down menu below.  
  • Chicken Goujons

    Prepared using pure chicken breast inner fillets - we remove the inner fillet from the chicken breast we then flour, egg wash and breadcrumb our goujons. These simple and quick to cook fresh goujons are not only healthy but a real winner with kids and adults.  
  • Chicken Nuggets

    Prepared using pure chicken thigh meat - we bone out our whole chicken thighs before removing the skin and dicing into nugget sized portions. We then flour, egg wash and breadcrumb our nuggets. These simple and quick to cook fresh nuggets are not only healthy but a real winner with kids and adults. Sold in a 1.2kg tray average 12-14 nuggets per tray
  • 2 x Chimichuri Beef Fillet Kebabs

    Prepared using only the tail and head of the fillet we marinade our diced bee fillet in olive oil and salt for 24 hours before coating in our crunchy and flavoursome pepper coater. These are real winner for a mid-week treat, tasty and succulent with all the amazing tenderness the beef fillet has to offer packed full of delicious& crunchy pepper coater. Sold per pack of 2 kebab's
  • Marinated Chicken Kebab

    Diced free range chicken breast fillets marinated for 24 hours before being skewered. We use only 100% pure chicken breast meat and the finest marinades. These are great for a quick mid-week dinner or in the summer on the BBQ Sold per pack of 2 kebab
  • Beef Short Ribs

    Cut from the ribs above the fore rib, beef short ribs are packed full of flavour with a great covering of meat and all so tasty fat. These are great when slow roasted or pot roasted. Supplied in a rack of 3 short ribs 1.5kg per rack 
  • Chateaubriand

    Prepared from our whole free range beef fillets, we remove the head from the fillet before removing all the silver skin and sinew. We tie ready for the oven. Supplied 800g, 1.0kg, 1.2kg each 
  • Centre Cut Beef Fillet

    Cut from our whole dry aged Scotch beef fillets, we remove the head, tail and silver skin to leave the centre cut perfect for roasting and sharing or for a beef wellington. Supplied 750g-1.75kg each
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    Free Range Whole Beef Fillet

    Cut from our whole beef fillets, we remove the chain and silver skin leaving only head, centre and tail. This is a great cut for roasting or for use in a beef wellington.  
  • Osso Buco

    Cut from the whole shin of veal, we slice this delectable cut into thick rings ready for an amazing slow cook. Supplied in 1kg pack
  • Veal Chop

    Cut from the whole loin of veal, our veal chops are tasty and very tender we sliced only on order meaning you have the freshest veal delivered each time. supplied 2x250g 
  • Calves Liver

    Cut from only the finest milk fed whole calves liver. sliced thin and wide for the best cut. Supplied in 500g pack
  • Smoked Dry Cure Streaky Bacon

    Packed full of flavour our dry cure bacon is like no other, with no shrinkage and a beautifully crispy fat. Smoked streaky is a must with cooking adding great flavour to any dish. supplied 500g per pack
  • Smoked Dry Cure Bacon

    Packed full of flavour our dry cure bacon is like no other, with no shrinkage and a beautifully crispy fat supplied 500g per pack
  • Unsmoked Dry Cure Bacon

    Packed full of flavour our dry cure bacon is like no other, with no shrinkage and a beautifully crispy fat supplied 500g per pack
  • Lamb Rump

    Prepared from the whole lamb chump, we remove the bones from these little beauties leaving a great fantastic piece of meat which is perfect for roasting serve one per person. supplied 2x250g portions